Craft your own digital solutions for your business.

Beehave works for all processes. Design your own processes, select one of our standard processes or contact one of our experts to make advanced processes.

Accounting & Finance

Account Receivable
Account Payable
Financial Statements
Cash Flow
Petty Cash
Overtime Claim
Expense Approval

Human resources

Applicant Tracker
Employee Directory
Employee Job Offer
Employee Onboarding
Employee Training
Performance Appraisal
Employee Resignation
Leave/Vacation Request
Workforce Planning


New Customer Onboarding
Competition Analysis
Sales Pipeline
Sales Forecast
Workforce Planning
Refund/Return Approval
Discount Approval

Supply Chain, Procurement

Product Catalog
Inventory Tracking
Purchase Request
Purchase Order
Vendor Management
Vendor Payment


Visitor Management
Office Inventory Management
Purchase Request


Marketing Campaign Tracker
Newsletter Approval
Press Release
Content Request
Customer Survey & Analysis


By using a digital template for all your invoices, you save time and errors. Sharing settings make all generated invoices available only to authorized teammates.

You can also digitize
  • Quotations
  • Employee records
  • Product catalog
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Newletters
  • …and many more!

Leaves/Vacancies Management

An employee requests a leave to her manager. When approved, the Human Resources manager is informed and the total leaves data for this employee is automatically updated in the database.

You can also digitize
  • Expense approval
  • Applicant tracker
  • New employee onboarding
  • Vendor payment
  • Purchase order
  • …and many more!

Sales Management

All data coming from the orders received are combined to generate a live report. The report is available to authorized people anytime, anywhere.

You can also digitize
  • Account receivable / Account payable reports
  • Employees headcount report
  • Sales pipeline report
  • Expenses report
  • Customer satisfaction report
  • …and many more!

Looking for advanced solutions?